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rent a fun

in our early days, rent-a-funs objective was to show Lisbon in a way that had not been thought of before  making her completely cyclable, be it for those who live in it or for those simply visiting. It was our intention to do so in a responsible, sustainable and original way.


However we soon realized that our best attribute is making people smile and what we do best is to make them happy. 


We were clueless has to why people did not leave our shop when the tour was finished. The next day they would come back for another tour, to rent a bike, to change e-mails or simply to bid us a last farewell


That was how we came to realize how good we were in creating strong bonds with people we barely new but would never forget...

Lisbon may seem small at first glance but youll soon realize that it is impossible to visit the whole city by feet or in a better and more enjoyable way than the one we provide. Enjoy easily going up and down the hills in our LX electric BIKES and make it the highlight of your stay in Lisbon. Dare yourself to take part in all the Rent a fun experience and get in touch with all richness that Lisbon has to offer.


The active engine of rent a fun, never lacks the strength to pedal, a born expert of all corners that lisboa hides, a true bicycle lover who knows Lisbon like the back of his hand.


by Benjamim Virasoro

Chloe was born to ride a bicycle. We may think she is Dutch, but no, she is French, preferring to be Portuguese, in the city she loves, Lisboa!

 For her everything seem easy on a bike, her guided tours are a laugh from start to finish ...


Nuno Leitão

Clown in his spare time, that man never stops!

Argentinian on paper, Benjamin and above all a "citizen of the world" which of course is an additional value when traveling with him as a guide.

By Cloé Sire

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