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7 Hills Tour Lisboa 2011

rent a fun tours

rent a fun tours is all about this, going up, to the highest places of Lisboa, this was our dream always from the beginning. Almost ten years later we can tell our friends and family that they laughed too early. Nobody believed in our project one decade ago, but, now it’s all real, the bikes are here and is possible to cycle the entire city of Lisbon. With this recent technology we started to draw a new map os Lisbon, we grabbed the electric bikes and all the team started to create the first electric bike tours in Lisbon. Soon we had several tours in hand, but our favorite from the beginning was the 7 hills tour, we mixed in one tour our favorite view points of Lisbon. 

The creation of this tour was mostly a joke but suddenly the phone started to ring and everyone wanted to do this tour, they wanted take the same picture they wanted to be the there in the top of the city with us, we had more to show but this was our beginning. Lisbon was not a fashionable city, it was abandoned and decrepit, the buildings were ruined, But the beauty was there! An incredibly pure beauty from the top of its secret viewpoints, pedaling through the viewpoints or along the river to the Atlantic and pedaling further to eat in truly secret places was the magic of cycling in Lisbon.

our favorite place

NOW AT 7AM, 10AM, 12AM, 3PM & 6PM

It was not easy to get started, supported mostly by friends, family and Lisbon population, the interest of everyone was evident, the mass media was talking about us, we where considered insane, with a good eco friendly idea many and we have to thanks to all because without them we would not be here today, and if today we offer more than five daily tours, it is because the city has always indirectly supported this project. If initially it was not easy to make this project happen today we know that it will never stop, if before everyone would think it would be impossible to cycle through lisbon, today the city can no longer live without bicycles much thanks to rent a fun and his completely crazy ideas before of time. And only today can we say it and to be honest we never thought this dream would last so many years. Don't think twice and embrace this project, choose one of our tours created from day one for you and get to know lisbon truly, alongside our local guides, full of experience and culture, yet we promise all madness and love remains in the rent a fun genes. 

Life is short, bike with us!

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