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gO Team

 We organize team buildings, corporate incentives and regular tours no matter how numerous the group is, we´ve organized tours from a single person up to 200. But we don´t restrain ourselves only to organizing events in Lisbon, we cover the whole country and will organize bike tours anywhere in Portugal upon our customers request. After all Portugal as so much to see. Please let us know if you´ll visit Portugal in a future soon for we start preparing your team building! 

  rent a fun is much more than a bike rental company, we center our business around a new and completely original concept that we ourselves created and that aims to show Portugal by bicycle in a way that is as original and safe as it is easy and fun.

 We base our activities in Lisbon where we offer numerous planned tours that can either focus on a particular theme or show the most important and well-known parts of town, we cover the entire city and its surroundings without leaving any interesting spot unnoticed. 

     Such an ambitious premise can be hard to believe at first being that Lisbon is known for its sinuous topography and steep hills, however, we possess a tool introduced by us in the national market that makes the job not only fun but almost effortless, the electric bicycle.

        Although these tours have been carefully planned to focus on specific areas of interest and/or to give a general overview of the city, we are more than happy to accept requests from the customers that already have a specific idea of what they want to see providing them with a customized tour up to their demands. 

     As such, we found a new way to show much more of Lisbon in less time than conventional tours allowing us to cover more ground making for the best deal possible for one who wants to get to know the city.

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