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cycling road tour from Lisboa to Algarve


        down to Algarve

this is not a tour...

We have a dream, a big one since 2011, from the beggining of rent a fun project... A dream of doing this big Cycling tour down to Algarve. So After many years of research and expertise we have decided to start this cooming year of 2018, we have decided that after this long 7 years of experience and knowlegde from the city tours are prepared to fly with you to this amazing paradise...

Unfortunately, after so many preparations and studies we had to abandone this project, do a great tour to Algave was impossible. We could not do a great route, was dificult, boring, dangerous. This tour only by  bike with our electric bikes was not fun, was not our way, the way we do it! Last summer of 2017 in a  day a light comes when our staff was kayaking near Lisbon, everyone was thinking about the same! The solution was here! We have to cross over all the rivers, lagoons and beaches by kayak. So now we can complete the tour that we always dreamed, a fun tour, a cycling adventure that resumes our last 7 years of love and experience . This is finally the Long way Donw to Algarve by eBIKE & kayak!

the vincent way by bike
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
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