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go Bike yourself Bike Delivery!

      If you don´t feel like listening to no one, choose to cycle freely up and down the city, exploring by yourself the amazing sights of the Lisbon view points or enjoying the constant view over the river.        

      Lisbon seems small at first glance, but you'll soon realize it's impossible to visit the whole city by foot, or at least in such an entertaining way as the one we provide you. The hills wont prove much of an obstacle to our electric Bikes. 

      Make this the most exciting experience of your visit to our city! Dare yourself to go on this merry-go-round of culture and experiences that Lisbon offers you with rent a fun!

includes: Helmet, Lock, Front case, Panniers, Repair kit, accidents insurance and travel assistance on the road.


. Day  (from 7AM to 9PM)  45

- 50% on the following day rentals

*Permanent travel assistance 24/7


Day  (from 7AM to 9PM)  39

- 50% on the following day rentals

*Permanent travel assistance 24/7

Travel assistance: Wherever you go, we will be always very close to you! From 7AM to 9PM to fix and solve any problem for you on the road with no extra cost. Change a flat tyre, fix a bike chain or even refresh batteries if you can´t paddle more. 

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