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Choose your favorite bike tour for today!

with us you will not get enough cycling. If there is not enough sun to hit the beach, chose the Lisbon 7 hills electrical Bike Tour!

If your not in mood to climb the 7 hills of Lisbon, let´s GetDown!! The Lisbon Forest of Monsanto is waiting for Us!

It´s more than a thousand acres of urban forest at 250 meters...

the TEAM

book YOUR
lisbon bike tour!

cycling in Lisboa every Day...

at 10AM, 12AM & 3PM

Night TOURS: starts at 6PM

BOOK or call +351 91 417 34 32

In our early days, rent a fun objective was to show Lisbon in a way that had not been thought of before  making her completely cyclable, be it for those who live in it or for those simply visiting. It was our intention, do it in a responsible, sustainable and original way. However we soon realized that our best attribute is making people smile and what we do best is to make them happy. We were clueless has to why people did not leave our shop when the tour was finished. The next day they would come back for another tour, to rent a bike, to change e-mails or simply to bid us a last farewell...

That was how we came to realize how we were creating strong bonds with people we barely new but would never forget...



Life is Short... Bike with us!

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